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How To Use a Mini -Cask  (8½ Pint  5Litre)

  1. Pull Out Tap
  2. Twist tap ¼ turn to left to dispense
  3. Open top vent by twisting red tab ¼ turn to the left to ‘1’ position
  4. Allow beer to splash into glass to develop a head.
  5. After dispense close tap and twist vent back to ‘0’ position.
  6. Keeping the vent closed will prolong the life of the beer.

The mini-cask will last about 7 days unopened and 3 days once opened. Store and use in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight. Temperatures below 6° may cause a chill-haze.

After you have finished your mini-cask you can recycle with your regular can recycling.

If you wish to reuse the mini cask follow these steps to remove the vent.

How to clean and reuse a Mini-Cask

  1. Use a tea spoon to lever out the red tab
  2. Now push the red inner part down into the cask
  3. Lever up the rubber bung and remove
  4. Part fill the cask with water to rinse
  5. Turn vertically upside down to drain - the red inner part will wash out with the water.
  6. Reassemble the bung by pushing the two red parts back together and align the vent at ‘0’ position