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XT Brewing Co.  Notley Farm, Long Crendon, Bucks , HP18 9ER   

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XT - Cock Ale - 6.0% ABV  Amber

A traditional medieval recipe for a Chicken Beer

Made with real whole roast chicken and raisins.

Much nicer than it sounds. More info here

WAS AVAILABLE December 2012 - Brewery Open Day.

XT - Alehoof - 4.0% ABV  

A pale ale made without hops, instead using the ancient tradition

of alehoof or ground ivy. A rich and earthy ale. More info here

WAS AVAILABLE - Summer 2012

XT - Pumpkin - 4.3% ABV  

Made with real pumpkins - roasted and brewed with some spooky spices  

WAS AVAILABLE - Haloween 2012

XT - Beta - 5.7%

Brewed with a mix of spices on a dark malty base. A winter warmer.

WAS AVAILABLE - at Wantage and Egham Beer Festivals

XT - Alpha - 4.7%

 Brewed with raw chocolate and fresh blackberries. A subtle nutty dark chocolate taste with the tartness of dark fruits.

WAS AVAILABLE - at Aylesbury & Oxford Beer Festival 2012

XT - Gamma- 4.3%

Brewed with a massive amount of Columbus Hops

WAS AVAILABLE - at Egham Beer Festival

XT - Delta - 4.6%

Brewed with raw chocolate and

vanilla pods.

WAS AVAILABLE - Lamb and Flag, Oxford

XT - APA - 4.4%  

Apricot Pale Ale

A lightly hopped beer, brewed with whole apricots.

More info here

WAS AVAILABLE - spring 2012

XT - Medieval Ale - 7.9%  

Un-hopped ancient recipe for a traditional ale.

Brewed without a boiling stage, and using home malted ingredients

More info here

WAS AVAILABLE - Winter 2010

These were beers we have made - Specials and Limited Editions

XT - 99 - 5% Roast Cacao Chocolate Beer

Cask version of the Roast Cacao Bottled Beer.

Brewed in collaboration with Will Torrent.

WAS AVAILABLE - March and April 2013

XT - AlphaAcid- 6% ABV, 1000 IBU - Xtreme Bittering IPA

Alpha Acid is a heavily hopped IPA with a mouth puckering bitterness. Brewed with masses of intense American Hops to produce what is possibly Britain’s Bitterest Beer. A pale beer with a distinctive heavy hop haze that hides what lies beneath.

Brewed especially for the St Albans beer festival .

XT - 53 - 4.2% ABV  Jubilee Pale Ale

A special beer brewed for the Jubilee holiday.

Named for the 1953 Coronation

WAS AVAILABLE - Jubilee Holiday 2012

XT - 80 - 5.2% ABV  IPA

A special IPA beer. Might return again…

Named for 80 IBU degrees of Bittering

WAS AVAILABLE - August Holiday 2012

XT - FORTY TWO - 4.2% ABV  Amber

A limited edition stronger version of our ever popular XT-Four

XT - Sixtythree - 4.5% ABV  Pale Ale

A special festival beer - Orange and lemon mingle with rare New Zealand Hops with a rich malty base.

Named for: 1963 - The Beeching Report

WAS AVAILABLE - March 2013

XT - Black IPA - 4.5% ABV  Dark Ale

A special festival beer

Dark and with generous hop additions -

a prototype for more radical dark IPAs to come

WAS AVAILABLE - March 2013

XT/Barnet - Palomino  4.0% ABV  Pale Ale

Brewed especially for Barnet Brewery and Oak Taverns

A Golden Pale Ale with fresh American Hops on English and Bohemian Malts

XT & Thame Brewery - Hoppiness Collaboration - 4.2% ABV  

A Golden Pale Ale - brewed in collaboration with the Thame Brewery. Crisp Golden Beer with American Cascade and Columbus hops.

XT - 1215 Magna Carta - Amber Ale

Brewed for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. William Marshal of Long Crendon was a principle baron. Using pale malts from Yorkshire and Goldings, Admiral and Challenger hops from Herefordshire and Kent. An all English Ale

XT - Scrum 4.2% Golden Ale

A golden ale brewed with Wheatley Rugby Club. English malts and an international blend of hops - coming together in a crisp clean beer great for drinking with your team mates

XT & Brightside Brewing Co - North South Collide - Golden 4%

Working with the trendy Manchester brewers: Brightside Brewing Co; the brewers have banged their heads together and produced ‘North South Collide’ a 4% super pale hoppy beer brewed with very low colour crystal malts and Ella & Styrian Cardinal hops. XT and Brightside brewed together in Manchester for this first collaboration – the follow up beer will be made at XT in the summer.