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XT Brewing Co.  Notley Farm, Long Crendon, Bucks , HP18 9ER   

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XT - Cock Ale - 6.0% ABV  Amber

A traditional medieval recipe for a Chicken Beer

Made with real whole roast chicken and raisins.

Much nicer than it sounds. More info here

WAS AVAILABLE December 2012 - Brewery Open Day.

XT - Alehoof - 4.0% ABV  

A pale ale made without hops, instead using the ancient tradition

of alehoof or ground ivy. A rich and earthy ale. More info here

WAS AVAILABLE - Summer 2012

XT - Pumpkin - 4.3% ABV  

Made with real pumpkins - roasted and brewed with some spooky spices  

WAS AVAILABLE - Haloween 2012

XT - Beta - 5.7%

Brewed with a mix of spices on a dark malty base. A winter warmer.

WAS AVAILABLE - at Wantage and Egham Beer Festivals

XT - Alpha - 4.7%

 Brewed with raw chocolate and fresh blackberries. A subtle nutty dark chocolate taste with the tartness of dark fruits.

WAS AVAILABLE - at Aylesbury & Oxford Beer Festival 2012

XT - Gamma- 4.3%

Brewed with a massive amount of Columbus Hops

WAS AVAILABLE - at Egham Beer Festival

XT - Delta - 4.6%

Brewed with raw chocolate and

vanilla pods.

WAS AVAILABLE - Lamb and Flag, Oxford

XT - APA - 4.4%  

Apricot Pale Ale

A lightly hopped beer, brewed with whole apricots.

More info here

WAS AVAILABLE - spring 2012

XT - Medieval Ale - 7.9%  

Un-hopped ancient recipe for a traditional ale.

Brewed without a boiling stage, and using home malted ingredients

More info here

WAS AVAILABLE - Winter 2010

These were beers we have made - Specials and Limited Editions

XT - 99 - 5% Roast Cacao Chocolate Beer

Cask version of the Roast Cacao Bottled Beer.

Brewed in collaboration with Will Torrent.

WAS AVAILABLE - March and April 2013

XT - AlphaAcid- 6% ABV, 1000 IBU - Xtreme Bittering IPA

Alpha Acid is a heavily hopped IPA with a mouth puckering bitterness. Brewed with masses of intense American Hops to produce what is possibly Britain’s Bitterest Beer. A pale beer with a distinctive heavy hop haze that hides what lies beneath.

Brewed especially for the St Albans beer festival .

XT - 53 - 4.2% ABV  Jubilee Pale Ale

A special beer brewed for the Jubilee holiday.

Named for the 1953 Coronation

WAS AVAILABLE - Jubilee Holiday 2012

XT - 80 - 5.2% ABV  IPA

A special IPA beer. Might return again…

Named for 80 IBU degrees of Bittering

WAS AVAILABLE - August Holiday 2012

XT - FORTY TWO - 4.2% ABV  Amber

A limited edition stronger version of our ever popular XT-Four

XT - Sixtythree - 4.5% ABV  Pale Ale

A special festival beer - Orange and lemon mingle with rare New Zealand Hops with a rich malty base.

Named for: 1963 - The Beeching Report

WAS AVAILABLE - March 2013

XT - Black IPA - 4.5% ABV  Dark Ale

A special festival beer

Dark and with generous hop additions -

a prototype for more radical dark IPAs to come

WAS AVAILABLE - March 2013

XT/Barnet - Palomino  4.0% ABV  Pale Ale

Brewed especially for Barnet Brewery and Oak Taverns

A Golden Pale Ale with fresh American Hops on English and Bohemian Malts

XT & Thame Brewery - Hoppiness Collaboration - 4.2% ABV  

A Golden Pale Ale - brewed in collaboration with the Thame Brewery. Crisp Golden Beer with American Cascade and Columbus hops.

XT - 1215 Magna Carta - Amber Ale

Brewed for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. William Marshal of Long Crendon was a principle baron. Using pale malts from Yorkshire and Goldings, Admiral and Challenger hops from Herefordshire and Kent. An all English Ale

XT - Scrum 4.2% Golden Ale

A golden ale brewed with Wheatley Rugby Club. English malts and an international blend of hops - coming together in a crisp clean beer great for drinking with your team mates

XT & Brightside Brewing Co - North South Collide - Golden 4%

Working with the trendy Manchester brewers: Brightside Brewing Co; the brewers have banged their heads together and produced ‘North South Collide’ a 4% super pale hoppy beer brewed with very low colour crystal malts and Ella & Styrian Cardinal hops. XT and Brightside brewed together in Manchester for this first collaboration – the follow up beer will be made at XT in the summer.

XT - Pi - 3.141% ABV  Roast Black Mild

A transcendental Mild, with an irrational, never ending depth of roasty flavours. Works out perfectly.

Spring Time Mild

XT - Saison 14 - 4.5% ABV  Hazy Pale

A Golden Pale Ale - brewed with a semi wild Belgian Saison Yeast. A zesty fruity refreshing ale with a natural haze.

Summer Seasonal

XT - Lest We Forget - 4.2% ABV  Red Ale

Brewed for the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal. A Red Ale with English Admiral Hops. A donation from every cask sold will be presented to the Poppy Appeal.

October and November

XT - XPA 5.9% American IPA

An IPA brewed with crisp, clean extra pale malts and more hop additions than any of our other beers. Plus a cooler, slower fermentation for a really special hop forward flavour.

XT - TEN  4.5%  Black Stout

a full bodied black, heart-warming stout, brewed with rich roasted malts and fresh English grown hops.

Winter Seasonal

XT - Experimental  Code 127 - 4.2% Pale Ale

the English hop growers are developing new hop varieties and XT has been selected to work on this project by brewing experimental beers using these new hops. The varieties are still in development, are only available to the partner brewers and only have code names. This is the second experimental beer - brewed in collaboration with Farams Hops

XT - XPA 7.2% Black IPA

Rammed with hops for a full flavour Cascadian Dark Ale - all the hop impact of the XPA but with a dark and mysterious twist.

XT - SIXTEEN  - 6% ABV  Belgian IPA

Quadruple hopped with some of Europe’s finest greenery. Belgian speciality malts and a European Union of hops all presided over by a Brussels Abbey Ale Yeast; brewed on the site of an Augustinian Abbey.

XT Brewing Co - BURTON IPA 7.2%  

The Burton IPA which is a proper old school India Pale Ale – brewed at an authentic strength of 7.1% and aged for five months in full sized wooden oak barrels, just like in the olden days. It’s packed with fresh all English hops and English barley malt. XT have worked with an old nineteenth century recipe and brewing techniques to bring this historic beer back to life.

XT - Experimental  Code 125 - 4.2% Pale Ale

the English hop growers are developing new hop varieties and XT has been selected to work on this project by brewing experimental beers using these new hops. The varieties are still in development, are only available to the partner brewers and only have code names. The first of the new variety beers uses CF125 – if this sells well, then the variety will be moved to large scale production growing and given a more catchy name.

XT Brit-Hop, GBBF Festival Special – 5% Xperimental Hop Pale Ale

A GBBF Special edition beer brewed in collaboration with the British Hop Association and Charles Faram Hop Merchants. Crafted with leading edge experimental British hop varieties. Part of the British Hop Association research and development programme.

HOPS = #Top Secret# as yet unreleased hop varieties available exclusively to XT

MALTS = Pale, Vienna, CaraPils

XT - Six Six Six  - 6.66% ABV  Black Magic

The number of the yeast beast, 666 is South Seas Black Magic potion. A dark and moody beer heavily hopped with Green Bullet, Wakatu, and Dr Rudi hops from New Zealand. They say the Devil finds wort for idle hands.