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XT Brewing Co.  Notley Farm, Long Crendon, Bucks , HP18 9ER   

01844 208 310

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Bright Beer Ready to Drink Fresh: only from the Brewery Shop.

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Fresh Beer

FOUR, THREE and HOPKITTY are available as ‘Bright Beer’ ready to drink

5 litre / 9 pint Mini Casks

2 litre / 3.5 pint  ‘Squealer’ Bottles

2 litre ‘Growler’ Flask

20 litre / 36 pint Pins *

40 litre / 72 pint Firkins *

The beer will last 7 days unopened and about 3 days opened.

*Pins and Firkins are supplied with taps and have a £50 deposit.

Fresh beer availability varies depending on what we have on at the time. Please book ahead for pins and firkins.

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