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XT Brewing Co.  Notley Farm, Long Crendon, Bucks , HP18 9ER   

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XT - TWO - 4.2% ABV  Golden

A refreshing golden ale made with Vienna and Munich Malts, combined with Bohemian and American hops.

HOPS =  Cascade and Saaz

MALTS = Pale, Munich, Vienna

XT - FOUR - 3.8% ABV  Mellow Amber

A modern session amber ale – a blend of English and Belgian malts matched with American and English hops. 

HOPS= Cascade and Brambling Cross.

MALTS= Pale, Abbey, Melanoidin, Crystal, Wheat

XT - EIGHT - 4.5% ABV  Dark Roast

A smooth rich dark porter beer brewed with a careful blend of four malts, along with a cocktail of hops to give a complex taste. Deep dark beer with roasty coffee flavours.

HOPS= Summit, Brambling Cross

MALTS= Pale, Crystal, Carafa, ChocMalt, Wheat

Oak Casks

We also have some beers available in wooden casks. These are oak firkins made for us by the last master cooper in England. These are on a very limited supply for trade sales

SIBA Beerflex DDS Beer Sales

Beers can be purchased by private or trade customers direct or through SIBA-DDS. We deliver to to pubs from Bristol to Cambridge and Birmingham to Southampton

XT - NINE - 5.5% ABV  Black Ale

A black ale brewed with nine different malts and multiple  generous hop additions – a  very complex dark beer

HOPS= Columbus, Summit, Galaxy, Chinook

MALTS= Pale, Special B, Crystal, Amber, Munich, Melanoidin, Flake Barley, ChocMalt, Carafa

XT - THREE - 4.2% ABV  Indian Pale

An American style IPA – packed with Chinook, Columbus and Cascade hops from the American North West – crisp, clean and refreshing with a lasting hoppy bite.

HOPS= Chinook, Cascade, Columbus

MALTS= Pale, Vienna, CaraMalt, Munich

XT - ONE - 4.2% ABV  Blonde

Citrus and fruity hops flirt with reserved English barley and some very naughty Bohemian malts to make a characterful blonde ale that you'll want to meet again.

HOPS=  Galaxy, Chinook, Admiral

MALTS = Pale, Vienna, CaraPils

XT - FIVE - 5.5% ABV  American Amber

Heavily hopped American style amber ale – quadruple hopped beer balanced with a rich blend of full bodied malts.

HOPS= Summit, Columbus, Cascade, Chinook

MALTS= Pale, Crystal, Abbey, Munich, Wheat

XT - SIX - 4.5% ABV  Rich Ruby

Beautiful ruby red beer, malty and smooth with a cascade hop finish.

HOPS= Admiral, Cascade

MALTS= Pale, Crystal, Red, Aromatic, Munich, Wheat.

XT - SEVEN - 4.5% ABV  Belgian Tawny

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