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Animal Brewing Co - Elephant - 4.2% Black Saison

Collaboration brew with Elephant School Brewing Co / Brentwood Brewery

A Black Saison with Wakatu and Pacific Gem Hops. Special Belgian Saison yeast gives dry and fruity flavours on a rich dark roast malt base

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These are Animals we have made in the past - they have gone to the big cask in the sky.

Sorry - No Longer Available

Animal Brewing Co - Oink - 4.6% Red Rye Amarillo

Root about in rye malts and snuffle into the added treat of tasty Amarillo hops. Oink Oink!


Animal Brewing Co - Rabbit - 4.6% Motueka IPA

Set your nose twitching to hoppy aromas of Motueka and nibble on the crisp clean delights of pale malted English barley


Animal Brewing Co - Mioung - 4.6% Rakau Amber Roast

Meow! A crafty feline of a beer - roasty malts nuzzle up with Galaxy and Rakau Hops from lands down under.


Animal Brewing Co - Eek!- 7.2% Big and Strong

Scare yourself. A big brown beery monster.


Animal Brewing Co - MOO!  4.6% MILK STOUT

Crashing out of the barn - it’s big and it’s black . A Milk Stout to warm you through in the winter.


Animal Brewing Co - Roar - 4.6% Antipodean Pale

A pale antipodean ale with mix of English and European Malts hiding behind the sofa - but ratting the windows with a loud hop roar !


Animal Brewing Co - WOOF - 4.6% Amber Rye Ale

A leg humping, barking mad bundle of hoppy, roasty rye ale.

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Animal Brewing Co - BLEET! - 4.6% Golden Ale

A pale flocking ale made with a woolly great load of Ozzy Hops.


Animal Brewing Co - Doodle Doo - 4.6% Mucha IPA

Hops Nouveau and Czech Malts combine to give a fresh pale ale.

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Animal Brewing Co - HOOT! - 4.6% Coffee Amber

A unique coffee malt and English Hops in this dark creature of the night.

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Animal Brewing Co - HOWL - 4.6% Oat Malt Pale Ale

A wild oat pale ale packed with New Zealand hops.


Animal Brewing Co - Elephant Wheat - 4.2% Orange Wheat

A Collaboration beer made with the Brentwood / Elephant School Brewery. A wheat beer brewed with Orange and Elderflowers


Animal Brewing Co - SQUUEK! - 4.6% Waimea Amber

An amber ale made with aromatic malts from Bamberg and Waimea hops from New Zealand


Animal Brewing Co - HISS- 4.6% Belgian Amber

Brewed with Speciality Belgian malts - giving a traditional rich base to this beer but with a contemporary hop finish.

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Animal Brewing Co - MOLE - 4.6% Californian IPA

A pale ale made with an American West Coast Ale Yeast. Crisp pale malts and lots of new world hops

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Animal Brewing Co - Zebra- 4.6% Brit Hop Pale Ale

Brewed with all British Ingredients - English Hops: Admiral, Endeavour and Challenger on English Pale Malts.

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Animal Brewing Co - Chameleon 4.6% Brit Hop Amber

A malty amber ale brewed with all British Hops


Animal Brewing Co - Snap- 4.6%  Oat and Wheat  Pale

Brewed with Wheat Malt and Oats topped off with New World Hops.


Animal Brewing Co - GOBBLE!- 4.6%  Cacao Stout

A real Christmas treat - a rich dark stout brewed with roasted cacao nibs and a hint of orange.


Animal Brewing Co - Aghhh (Spider)!- 4.6%  Abbey Ale

A Pale-Amber, Abbey Style Ale, with Goldings and Saaz hops on rye and wheat malts. With a natural wheat haze.


Animal Brewing Co - Simples 4.6%  Golden Barley

A golden ale made with flaked barley and a mix of North American and New Zealand hops - a soft and fruity refreshing beer


Animal Brewing Co - Croak 4.6%  Roast Amber

A rich roast Rye Amber ale brewed with Cascade and Columbus American Hops. Citrus and pine flavours balanced with toasty, slightly soured caramel malts.


Animal & MoogBrew - Bastard Bunny Brew Ha Ha 7.2%  IPA

A true American style double IPA thumping in at a hefty 7.2%  – very generously hopped  with truckloads of American greenery – Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and Summit on pale malts.

The Bunny is a collaboration brew with MoogBrew – a trendy little brewery in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. It was a chance meeting with MoogBrew at a beer festival. They said they had made a beer called Bastard Bunny… we immediately suggested a joint-brew under our Animal brand. Only Bigger. With Lots More Hops. The Bastard Bunny character is originally featured in the NME magazine - the guys from Moog are mates with Dave Anderson who created the character. (Click the XT Blog Icon above for more info)

Animal Brewing Co - Big Bang 4.6%  Dark Roast Rye

Exploding out of the eternal darkness of roasted rye - a dark amber ale with coffee-toast flavours, and slowly evolving into an Anglo-American hop finish

 Sold Out

Animal Brewing Co - Woosh 4.6%  Amber

An amber beer layered with light biscuity Vienna malts and a rich fruity filling of new world of hops


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Animal Brewing Co - Buzz 4.6%  Spring Pale Ale

A spring ale - fruity fresh English hops with clean pale Marris Otter malts.


Animal Brewing Co - Elk 4.6%  Vienna Amber Ale

Brewed using only Vienna and Rye malts with Czech Saaz and German Mittlefruh Hops. This is based on a classic German Vienna beer recipe but with a little bit of an Animal style twist.



Animal Brewing Co - Toucan 4.6%  Amber

New Zealand Wakatu and Pacific Gem hops meet on a raft of amber malts resulting in a wonderfully drinkable ale.


Animal Brewing Co - K-9 4.6%  Amarillo Single Hop

The first ever single hop Animal beer - this is a Pale Ale brewed with multiple additions of the American Amarillo hop variety. Expect spicy and citrus- flavours with an orange bouquet.

Animal Brewing Co - Raccoon 4.6%  Citra Amber

Second in our Animal Single Hop range - Citra Hops from America with citrus and tropical tones of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee…. All on a pale maris otter with a hint of dark malt to give a pale amber beer.

Animal Brewing Co - Screech!  4.6%  

Third in our new ‘Animal Singles’ Series: We used Hops only from the Yakima Valley in the NW United States, a single region blonde beer. Expect: Pepper, Orange and Tangerine notes.

Animal Brewing Co - Dachshund  4.6%  Admiral Single Hop

A Crystal Rye pale ale with Admiral Hops - orange and herbal notes with liquorice and toffee from the rye malts

Animal Brewing Co - Panther 3.2% Black ‘Table’ IPA

A deep black IPA full of dark malts matched with the punch of Summit and Admiral Hops,  earthy spices and orange flavours on liquorice roastyness - all fitting in at just 3.2% .

Animal Brewing Co - Platypus  4.6%  New World Pale

A  blonde pale ale packed with New World Hops,

lemon and lime with hints of tropical fruits

Animal Brewing Co - Squirrel  4.6%  Belgo-American

A Belgian-American Style Amber Ale - brewed with American Chinook and Columbus hops giving citrus, pine and grapefruit flavours - blended with a Belgian Malt base adding raisin and plum notes.

Animal Brewing Co - Snarl! 4.6%  Red-Ale

A red ale - strong malty character with earthy ‘noble’ hops to give a rich beery taste.

Animal Brewing Co - Robin 4.5%  Christmas Ale

Rockin Ruby ale - a rich malty winter drink!

[Bottle Only]

Animal Brewing Co - Rudolf  4.6%  Cappuccino Stout

This is a collaboration beer brewed with our friends at Dusty Ape Coffee and using their very special ‘Silverback’ Espresso. Silverback delivers a punch that is worthy of the king of primates. Intense and fruity, a sweet aroma with blackcurrant and plum notes. Syrupy and full-bodied with a fresh lime finish. Blended with lactose to give a really smooth stout – a perfect Christmas drink.


Animal Brewing Co - Hedgehog 4.6%  Crystal Rye

Crystal Rye amber ale - roasty autumnal richness all rolled up in a prickly hoppy ale

Animal Brewing Co - Swish  4.6%  Six-Hop

Six Hop Amber Ale - brewed with a smorgasbord of hops from around the world.  

Animal Brewing Co - Roadrunner  4.6% American Pale

Spectacular Single Hop Amarillo American Pale Ale

Animal Brewing Co - Neigh  4.6%  Pale Ale

Crisp and clean - a  pale new world ale. Packed with Motueka hops - giving lemon and lime followed by a background of tropical fruit.

Animal Brewing Co - Hare 4.6%  Red Rye

A full bodied, aromatic Red Rye ale brewed with malted barley, and the addition of 20% Rye to the recipe,gives some dryness and spice, and only lightly hopped to allow the malts to shine through.

Animal Brewing Co - Manta Ray 4.6%  Pilsner Pale Ale

Pilsner Malts from Germany, triple hopped with American greens - giving an  ale twist on a lager recipe. Crisp dry and refreshing.

Animal Brewing Co - Raccoon 4.6%  Citra Amber

The Raccoon Returns! - Single Hop range - Citra Hops from America with citrus and tropical tones of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee…. All on a pale maris otter with a hint of dark malt to give a pale amber beer.

Animal Brewing Co - Big Foot 4.6%  Pale Ale

A pale ale, using all European noble hops, clean drinking  with a slight caramel finish.


Animal Brewing Co - SHARK 4.6%  USA/UK Amber

An Anglo-American Amber - Punchy North American Hops fight it out with England’s finest. Even the yeast is a special English and Californian Ale blend.

Animal Brewing Co - Giraffe 4.6%  Amber

Tall amber and handsome!

Animal Brewing Co - Ladybird 4.6%  APA

American Pale Ale - very light malted barley and wheat blended with punchy American hops - a light refreshing hop burst of a beer

Animal Brewing Co - Newt 4.6%  Single Hop Columbus

Pale Ale brewed to show the charms and character of the Columbus Hop from NW America

Animal Brewing Co - Chitter 4.6%  Rye Amber

A smooth Amber Ale brewed with Crystal Rye Malts  - giving light -Dry liquorice and toffee flavours

Animal Brewing Co - Rhino 4.6%  QHA

Quad Hopped amber ale – brewed with Challenger, Brambling Cross, Summit and Chinook hops. Balanced with a speciality German aromatic malt.

Animal Brewing Co - QUACK - Pacific Pale Ale 4.6%

Quack .. American, Australian and New Zealand Hops! All waddle along in a crisp clean pale beer.

Animal Brewing Co - GRIZZY - American Gold 4.6%

Big Grizzly American Golden Ale. smooth, easy to drink beer with a clean profile, American citrus hop character and a gentle follow on of malt.

Animal Brewing Co - Snail -New World IPA 4.6%

This hoppy New World IPA is brewed with British pale malts and four new world hop varieties. It has a sweet malt forefront, solid bitterness and citrus with tropical and grapefruit notes coming from our triple point hop additions.

Animal Brewing Co - Manta Ray 4.6%  Pilsner Pale Ale

Pilsner Malts from Germany, triple hopped with American greens - giving an  ale twist on a lager recipe. Crisp dry and refreshing.

Animal Brewing Co - Sloth 4.6%  Rye Ale

An amber ale brewed with Rye, Crystal Rye and Roasted Crystal malts - the sweet malts with spicey, peppery rye and warm citrus notes with a long satisfying bitterness.

Animal Brewing Co - Mad Cow 4.6%  Bohemian Amber

A crazy amber ale  -  brewed using bohemian malts and only bohemian hops – giving  herbal, earthy  notes with hints of orange.  

Animal Brewing Co - Osprey 4.6%  Belgian Pale

Belgian Style Pale Ale brewed with speciality Belgian malts and Bohemian Saaz and Dana Hops – giving a biscuit sweetness with a herbal and citrus finish.

Animal Brewing Co - Pukeko - Espresso Pale Ale 4.6%

Joining forces with premium coffee micro-roastery in the historic Jericho neighbourhood of Oxford – Jericho Coffee Traders and aided by the extensive coffee know-how of James and Lizzie, XT have created a coffee infused pale ale: Animal ‘Pukeko’ named for their little delivery truck and New Zealand heritage. A unique flavour hit of coffee and topped off with a dash of New Zealand hops.

Animal Brewing Co - Donkey - Belgian Wit  4.8%

An Anglo/Italian WitBier – is made with the innovative Italian Brewery BBBirra – based on the Bosaland farm in Sardinia they make artisanal beers using locally sourced ingredients. Their head brewer Carl joined the team at XT and brought several of the speciality ingredients for the Wit beer. The pale cloudy wheat beer has a spiced edge and hints of orange from Sardinian orange peel. The beer is named for the 15 donkeys Carl has on his farm and who eat all his spent brewers grains.

Animal Brewing Co - Cluck 4.6%  Pacific Amber

Amber beer with a biscuit and slightly nutty malt base packed with hops found around the Pacific (colombus motueka) and dry hopped with Motueka.  It has a bouquet of Lemon-lime, floral and tropical flavours, that stay long after the biscuit notes depart.  

Animal Brewing Co - Chimp 4.6%  Smoked Beer

Rauch Bier – brewed with German Smoked malts, a Bamberg classic. Its smoky flavour is achieved by exposing the malt to the intense, aromatic smoke of burning beech-wood logs

Animal Brewing Co - Hop Hound 4.6%  Single Hop Pale

A series of single hop beers - a pale malt base gives the hop variety to shine forward. We will work through a series of unique flavours from around the world.

First off - Motueka from New Zealand: strong lemon and lime flavours to begin with, followed by more subtle citrus, floral and tropical notes.  

Animal Brewing Co - Flutter 4.6%  Kentucky Common

A slightly sweet,  biscuity, malt forward beer, with hints of toffee and an IBU of 25.  It will finish with hints of stone fruit, citrus and tropical notes. A style once popular in and around Louisville, Kentucky from the 1850s until Prohibition.

Animal Brewing Co - Bat 4.6%  Autumn Ale

A red Autumn amber, lightly spiced with warming seasonal spices

Animal Brewing Co - Meow 5.0%  Munich Dunkel

A Deep Copper Wheat Beer in the Munich Style - emphasis on the malts,  this is a liquid bread. Deep and complex. (This is a naturally hazy beer)

Animal Brewing Co - Penguin 4.6%  Spiced Seasonal Ale

Canoodle together under the mistletoe with this special pale ale - single hopped with New Zealand Motueka adding tropical fruit flavours and lightly spiced to give a seasonal twist.

[Available in Bottle Only]

Animal Brewing Co - Rabbit - 5% Motueka IPA

Set your nose twitching to hoppy aromas of Motueka and nibble on the crisp clean delights of pale malted English barley. Umbongo Beer!

Available in Bottle

Animal Brewing Co - Peacock 4.6%  California Pale

A West Coast Pale ale - Beautiful floral and citrus hop aromas greet the nose with undertones of lightly toasted malt.  Crisp pale and crystal malts offer a hint of sweetness. Subtle hop bitterness for a refreshing finish.

Animal Brewing Co - Polar Bear - 4.6% Milk Stout

Lactose sugars in your stout it’s like cream in your coffee. Dark and delicious.

Animal Brewing Co - Heron - 4.6% Pacific Pale

Pacific Pale Ale.  It is a very pale Hop Forward beer, packed with hops from the American West Coast and New Zealand.  It has loads of Citrus flavours, with Grapefruit, Lime and Orange all prevalent along with the Tropical flavours of Lychees. A few peppery notes scattered throughout  round off this hoppy animal.  

Animal Brewing Co - Monkey- 4.6% 3x Hop Amber

triple hopped pale amber beer, packed with hops from the US, Europe and NZ added throughout the boil and fermentation.  Lots of Citrus flavour, mainly lemon/lime and grapefruit with nice floral notes it round it off.  A malty backbone of Biscuit, and hints of caramel to hold all the hops together.

Animal Brewing Co - Kiwi - 4.6% NZPA

a very pale NZPA showcasing what New Zealand has to offer.  Brewed with NZ Hops, generous lashings of Green Bullet and Wakatu added during the boil paired with Motueka and Wai-iti dry-hop additions. The beer has layers of hop characteristics and flavours to enjoy. Lemon, Lime Zest, Mandarin, Raisin and Vanilla all come to the party with floral notes dancing throughout.  This cold fermented, dry beer is for the hop lover who wants a taste of downunder.

Animal Brewing Co - Buffalo - 4.6% American Amber

An American Amber with loads of amber malt for toffee, caramel and biscuit flavours.  Cascade and Columbus hops will be layered throughout the boil to give a depth of flavours.  Floral, citrus, peppery and sherbet qualities are enhanced while enjoying rich malts

Animal Brewing Co - Moose - 4.6% American Amber

This is an American Amber, BIG on American Hops.  Packed with Colombus, Chinook, Azzacca and Bravo hops it has loads of citrus and tropical flavours.  It has a sweet malty backbone of toffee and caramel to balance the upfront hop hit. 

Animal Brewing Co - Buzzard - 4.6% Yakima Pale Ale

Yakima Pale Ale full of tropical flavours of mangoes, lychees and passionfruit with orange and citrus notes. A crisp pale beer brewed with pale, Vienna and Pilsner malts.  Dry hopped with Citra for added flavour.

Animal Brewing Co - Orca- 4.6% SMASH

“SMASH” beer: Single Malt Single Hop – pale English Maris Otter malt paired with Wakatu hops – highlighting the delights of this perfect pair.

Animal Brewing Co - Octopus - 4.6% Oceanic Amber

Hopped with a wide variety of hops from Oceania (South Pacific).  Floral, citrus and tropical notes, with a sweet malty, biscuit backbone with hints of red/dark fruits. 

The beer is cold fermented to really bring out the flavours of Green Bullet, Sticklebract, Dr Rudi, Wai iti, with the added punch of dry hop Motueka,  

Animal Brewing Co - Simian - 4.6% Hopped Up Red

A rich red ale hopped up to give a special extra hoppy finish