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Animal Cask Beers

Late at night the little creatures sneak into the brewery and make special beers …. They make them once and get bored.. Then move onto a new idea …

These are one off limited edition beers.

Animal Brewing Co - Buffalo - 4.6% American Amber

An American Amber with loads of amber malt for toffee, caramel and biscuit flavours.  Cascade and Columbus hops will be layered throughout the boil to give a depth of flavours.  Floral, citrus, peppery and sherbet qualities are enhanced while enjoying rich malts

Animal Brewing Co - Moose - 4.6% American Amber

This is an American Amber, BIG on American Hops.  Packed with Colombus, Chinook, Azzacca and Bravo hops it has loads of citrus and tropical flavours.  It has a sweet malty backbone of toffee and caramel to balance the upfront hop hit. 

Animal Brewing Co - Buzzard - 4.6% Yakima Pale Ale

Yakima Pale Ale full of tropical flavours of mangoes, lychees and passionfruit with orange and citrus notes. A crisp pale beer brewed with pale, Vienna and Pilsner malts.  Dry hopped with Citra for added flavour.

Animal Brewing Co - Orca- 4.6% SMASH

“SMASH” beer: Single Malt Single Hop – pale English Maris Otter malt paired with Wakatu hops – highlighting the delights of this perfect pair.

Animal Brewing Co - Octopus - 4.6% Oceanic Amber

Hopped with a wide variety of hops from Oceania (South Pacific).  Floral, citrus and tropical notes, with a sweet malty, biscuit backbone with hints of red/dark fruits. 

The beer is cold fermented to really bring out the flavours of Green Bullet, Sticklebract, Dr Rudi, Wai iti, with the added punch of dry hop Motueka,  

Animal Brewing Co - Simian - 4.6% Hopped Up Red

A rich red ale hopped up to give a special extra hoppy finish

Animal Brewing Co - Hop Hound 4.6%  Single Hop Pale

A series of single hop beers - a pale malt base gives the hop variety to shine forward. We will work through a series of unique flavours from around the world.

The latest outing for the hound is the wonderful English hop: Goldings